BIOENERGY, one of the solutions to the CLIMATE EMERGENCY situation.

Before the UN summit on climate change (Madrid from December 2 to 13, 2019), the European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution declaring a “climate and environmental emergency” in Europe and globally. It aims to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions. Among other sectors, it is considered necessary to reduce emissions from maritime transport and aviation.

According to experts in bioenergy (such as Alejandro Ríos Galván, a professor at the University of Khalifa in Abu Dhabi), plant-based biofuels are currently the best option to replace fossil fuels in airplanes in the medium term. “Biofuels have the ability to reduce the carbon footprint between 50% and 80% when compared to fossil fuels,” he says. Biofuels are currently being used although in very small quantities (some flights carry a small mixture of biofuel). Although there are many problems related to the price and production of this fuel, it is still not very competitive in price for the airlines companies, but “the costs of biofuels have been significantly reduced as more infrastructure is built to refine these products. It may take some years before they manage to compete in tandem with the cost of fossil fuels.