Biogas has an enormous potential in Spain. Biogas technologies convert organic wastes into
renewable energy, clean transport fuel, and nutrient-rich natural fertiliser, reducing greenhouse gas
emissions and improving energy security and air quality. A recent study commissioned by Naturgy,
Spain’s largest natural gas distributor, showed a potential for 26,684 gigawatt hours (GWh) of biogas
in the country, enough to cover the energy demand of 40% of Spain’s households.
However, the same study shows that there are only 300 biogas production facilities currently
operational in Spain: 174 in water treatment plants, 44 in the agricultural and livestock sector, 33 in
the food sector, 30 in urban solid waste treatment plants, 15 in waste management centres and 2 in
industry. All of these facilities use the biogas they generate to self-consume, with the exception of
the urban solid waste treatment plant in Valdemingómez, Madrid, the only facility that also injects
biogas into the gas network.
In Spain there is a wide range of technology companies to develop biogas installations. Many of them
have been dedicated to developing projects in Europe and outside Europe because the national
market has been practically inactive for almost a decade. Spain has the market, the opportunities,
the will and the technology to make biogas establish itself on a large scale, which makes it one of the
most attractive European markets for the development of biogas projects.
Source: Gabriel Butler Monterde (Chief Executive of Genia Global Energy) and David Newman
(President of the World Biogas Association).