The RURAL project BIOENERGY tries to contribute to the professional constant development of forming, teachers and tutors of Vocational training, in new professional qualifications on bio-energy rurally and bio-economy, due to the need to satisfy the professional demands that are emerging and they will appear in the rural European areas in the future.

It exists an important need of these new professional qualifications due to the use of policies and European strategies about economy, environment, climate change, energy and rural development (Europe Strategy 2020, Agricultural Common politics, the Boards for the renewable energies, the strategic mark about climate and the energy for the period 2030, reindustrialization of the EU of a rural economy and a circular economy based on the rural way, roadmap of the energy for 2050, etc.)

In agreement with Europe 2020’s general aims and the Agrarian Common Politics, there can be identified three long-term strategic aims in the frame of the politics of rural development of the EU: 1) Improvement of the competitiveness of the agriculture. 2) sustainable management of the natural resources and the climatic action. 3) regional balanced development of the rural zones.

There is a gap of formation in this field and in the future years it will be required training when the development of the bio-energy will be intensified in the rural way. Nowadays, some professional qualifications cover certain needs related to the energy in the food-processing sector, nevertheless, it is necessary to develop professional specific qualifications that integrate different aspects as we are before a confluence of different sectors and areas of knowledge.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop skills and professional basic competitions for the managing of the bio-energy in rural areas giving that this FP’s specific qualification does not  currently exist, so the principal approach of this project will be the development of the transverse competition for specialists in bioenergy and the production of resources and educational practical instruments for forming / teachers / tutors and students, with which this project also tries to improve the access to the training and the qualifications for everyone.