E1: Technical seminar

Technical-academic with the double objective of presenting findings and the developed products that are destined to be the final product of the Project and to evaluate the results on the part of technical personnel, teachers, forming and expert across conversations or interviews and surveys on the intellectual products O1 and O2. Technical-academic.

These meetings will involve to:

  • Technical personnel and experts especially in bioenergy, renewable energies, agriculture and rural development.
  • Forming and teachers of entities of not formal and formal vocational training or with programs of permanent learning, especially in rural zones
  • Experts in education and vocational training.

E2: Transmission Program

Program of transmission for diffusion and evaluation that looks for a massive participation specially of the population of rural areas:

  • Local authorities, educational authorities and authorities related to the agriculture, the renewable energies, the environment, etc.
  • Representatives of groups of local action, farms´ unions, forest, agricultural and cattle associations, associations for the valuation of biomass, producers of renewable energy, companies of bioenergetics technology and its associations and networks, companies and environmental associations, centers of investigation, etc.
  • Technical personnel and managers in agriculture, bio-energy, environment, etc. Agents of rural development / local; farmers, agricultural advisers, workers of the food-processing industry, workers of companies of renewable energies, etc.
  • Forming and teachers of not formal and formal FP or with programs of permanent learning…
  • Young people, the students and the public in general.
  • Massive media.

C1: Training course

Training course of forming for the personnel of the entities that form the strategic association of the project.