Results of the Project “RURAL BIOENERGY”:

1) Development of a Plan of formation un Bioenergy for agro-food sector which includes:

  • Four intellectual products: a methodological guide for the training (O1), a course of training structured (O2) with the adjustment of the contents for the students in educational materials (O3) and the educational platform of TIC and for the knowledge and the exchange (O4).
  • Two events multipliers: a Technical Seminar (E1) celebrated in Portugal and a Program of Transmission (E2) in Italy.
  • A course of training personnel of the entities of the short-term project (C1) to celebrating in Spain.

2) The participation of 1000 direct beneficiaries who belong principally to the rural zones and by means of 25 adhesions of each one of 6 partners (150 stakeholders).

3) Creation of networks and common links of learning between the beneficiaries and strategies and tools to promote and to improve the communication between the different individuals and implied groups, including from the beginning stakeholders to discuss strategies on how approaching the problems of the Project RURAL BIOENERGY.

4) Web page of the project in the one that will be kept all the information compiled along the project.

The project will have some results that will continue after the end of the project:

  1. The PLATFORM TIC ” RURAL BIOENERGÍA ” created by the project (for educational ends, of exchange of knowledge and promotion of the employment), as well as the web page of the project.
  2. Personal Advice on bio-energy rural through to the partners participants in the project (some of which realize a work of constant advice in rural zones) and through Internet.
  3. The creation of educational resources opened ” PACKAGE OF TRAINING IN RURAL BIOENERGY ” (REA) like a methodological guide for the formation and other practical educational resources (documents and material multimedia for the education, the learning, the evaluation) whose principal characteristic is that it will be the widely available one for the public with opened licenses. To allow the free use and the reutilization on the part of any organization or individual (teachers, students, self-taught…).
  4. Round tables with the parts been interested in every country of the partners of the project, by means of the creation of the ” ROUND EUROPEAN TABLE OF RURAL BIOENERGY “.
  5. Publication of articles in specialized magazines in bioenergy or rural development.
  6. Development of the transverse competition for the ” SPECIALIST IN BIOENERGÍA FOR THE FOOD-PROCESSING SECTOR “. Once designed the curriculum related to the necessary competitions identified in the project and elaborated the contents and skills of the formative offer, the partners will proceed to initiate the steps for his possible integration in ECVET or in each of five countries that shape the association.