ALTA SANABRIA HIGH-UNION (Spain) it supports the creation of companies related to the biomass and the renewable energies in the rural areas and it is working to improve the professional development of the rural population across the vocational training.

ITALIAN CONFEDERAZIONE AGRICOLTORI TOSCANA-CIA (Italy) has joined to the project due to its link with agents of agro-business and its direct knowledge of its needs and worries. In addition, CIA TOSCANA has an agency of training (CIPA-AT) and it has also promoted the national Association AIEL – Association for Agro-energies, an important specialized center, which promotes as a whole many projects and activities of transfer of innovation and training.

CORANE (Portugal) it has the aim of social, economic and cultural development across the valuation, promotion and capitalization of local potentials. From 2008, the formative activity promotes in the Axis 2 of the Operative Potential Program Human (POPH), particularly in Typologies 2.2 – Education and Adults’ Training (AET) and 2.3 – Modular Certified Formations (FMC).

AGROINSTITUT NITRA (Slovakia) it is an institution of vocational training dependent on the Department of Agriculture and Regional Development of the Slovakian Republic that offers a wide range of services, especially in the field of the permanent learning, the vocational training and the services of agricultural advice (farmers’ formation)., agricultural advisers, training of high-qualified candidates, etc.), as what it has a wide experience in VET and learning along the whole life (RESAVE: sources of renewable energy for the vocational agricultural education; ECEVE: Implementation of content of electronic learning for the farm of saving of energy in the vocational education; RESNET: Modules of learning on line for resources of renewable energy for the development of the landscape; experience in the development of platforms of electronic learning using systems of management of learning)

SERVIMA (Spain) it is a small enterprise of environmental consultancy, specialized in services related to the environment, the renewable energies and the natural resources, with two different areas from action, which complement each other between them: the Technical Department and the Department of Programs, which includes training and education. (With wide experience in formal and not formal education). Therefore, it has been selected by its double contribution of the project, as well as by the possibility of supporting the leading partner (“MAS”) of Spain in different tasks (due to the fact that the entity solicitor is not experienced previous at this type of projects).

QUATTROGI (Bulgaria) it has been selected by its paper as technological partner. Therefore, its function is fundamental to provide contents related to the technologies and to validate the technical contents provided by other partners. QuattroGi’s personnel also will contribute with its experience in the transfer of knowledge; its members realize activities related to the education, the academic supervision, the training and the professional practices. It possesses experience in the creation of relations diverse parts been interested in the world of the renewable energies and in the organization of professional seminars in association recognized institutions and expert consultants of diverse countries. Through its daily activities and memberships in key networks, QuattroGi shows its commitment to promote the culture of the energy efficiency and the renewable energy. It also promotes the intercultural dialogue across its international equipment and the host of the beneficiaries of Erasmus + of different countries. It is in a relation of work with ETN’s international network with a wide experience as facilitator of EFP.