Held in Padornelo (Lubián-Zamora) on January 25 and 26, 2018, organized by MANCOMUNIDAD ALTA SANABRIA with assistance from the partners of the 5 countries that make up the association for the project.

Being the first meeting at the beginning of the same, each of the partners made a presentation of their own entity to better understand the possibilities of participation and the best contributions to the project by each one.

A general review of the project, its objectives, the expected results and the conditions of financing and justification of the project were made, adjusting to the regulation established for the ERASMUS projects. The importance of the monitoring of the project carried out by the management team (permanent work team) was emphasized. A press conference was held to which the media were summoned. The dissemination plan of the project was discussed (informative triptych, Newsletter, Website and Facebook of the project). We reviewed the actions carried out so far and the previous analysis carried out and discussed the approach of intellectual products. Subsequently, the work schedule was revised to advance the development of the intellectual products and the remaining pending actions, the multiplier events and training activities.

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Held in Bragança (Portugal) on 21 and 22 June 2018, organized by the Portuguese partner: CoraNE, with the assistance of all partners. A review of the general state of the project and its follow-up and evaluation was carried out: compliance with the calendar, dissemination plans, profile of the stakeholders involved in the project to date, state, etc. The website and Facebook of the project and all the advanced on the O1 and O2 intellectual products were presented for its evaluation and debate. The O1-Methodological Guide and the advances in the curricular design were analyzed in depth, to agree on the structure and final contents, also analyzing the methodology of project-based learning, collecting some new ideas for its application. Afterwards, an exhaustive debate was held on the O2 (structured course): the modular distribution according to the modules established in the Guide and the general script of contents within each of them, sharing the remaining work among the partners.  An internal evaluation was made of the intellectual products as well as the general progress of the project and the technical and economic reports received, in compliance with the Permanent Project Evaluation Plan. Terms and conditions for the contribution of all partners to the preparation of the intermediate report were reviewed.

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Held in Florence (Italy), at the headquarters of the CIA TOSCANA partner, on February 21 and 22, 2019.

The dissemination and collaboration actions carried out in the different countries and the evolution of the network of collaborators achieved to date were analyzed, reviewing the indicators of the dissemination plan.

The documents corresponding to the intellectual products 1 (methodological guide of transversal competence) and 2 (modules corresponding to the structured course for trainers) were reviewed, submitting them to a new internal evaluation.

Likewise, the monitoring carried out by the different work teams of the project (management team, quality control team and conflict resolution team) was analyzed. The quality team insists on the importance of collecting the evaluation of all the participants in all the actions of the project.

A first proposal of development of output 3 corresponding to the material for the students that was approved was discussed and the best approach of the ICT platform (IO4) was discussed, assigning tasks and establishing deadlines for the development of these outputs and for the execution of the rest of pending tasks (translation of texts, organization of events and training activities, dissemination actions, etc.).

The responsibility to collect and properly file the necessary financial documentation and the need to continue sending the quarterly reports is remembered.

Finally, the Sustainability Plan of the project was discussed once the permanent evaluation plan was completed and complied with.

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Held in Lubián-Zamora (Spain), at the headquarters of Mancomunidad Alta Sanabria in the city hall of Lubián, on September 12 and 13, 2019.

After reading and approving the Minute of the previous meeting, the general status of the project and the results obtained so far were reviewed, analysing the degree of execution of the different actions and products as well as the seminars and other dissemination actions carried out in the 5 countries (indicators of the dissemination plan). In addition, the collaborations obtained (stakeholders, public administrations, experts, etc.) in the preparation of intellectual products and their subsequent dissemination, have been evaluated. The different project work teams (management team, quality control team and conflict resolution team) presented the monitoring carried out.

The response of the National Agency on the interim report and the suggestions and observations that it presents for the conclusion of the project and the final report were presented.

The final documents corresponding to intellectual products 1 (methodological guide) and 2 (structured course for trainers) were reviewed, subjecting both to a new internal evaluation, so that their translation into all project languages are approved. We presented a first draft of the intellectual product 3 (material for students) and the ICT training platform that is already operational in all languages ​​and has a first online training activity available, as well as some materials and databases.

The results of the E1 multiplier event held in Bragança (Portugal) in June were presented by Corane; besides the approach of the E2, which will be organized by the Italian partner Cia Toscana.

We reminded the responsibility of collecting and properly filing the necessary financial documentation and the need to continue sending the quarterly reports. The pending tasks and deadlines were remembered and the project’s permanent evaluation plan was complied with.

Finally, the Project Sustainability Plan was discussed once it was finalized.

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AGENDA IV Transnational Meeting