EUBCE 2019, the largest event on Bioenergy in Europe, was held in May in Lisbon.

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE), the largest European event on bioenergy,
has just concluded its 27th edition, held from 27 to 31 May in Lisbon (Portugal), with the
participation of 71 countries around the world, with a complete approach on solid, liquid and
gaseous biofuels. EUBCE has included technical visits, hundreds of conferences and presentations, an
exhibition area and extra-European workshops, among which the participation of organizations from
Brazil, Japan and Africa stand out.
The motto of this edition has been "the role of bioenergy in the Paris objectives and the support to
sustainable development" so that it has counted with the participation of representatives of the
European Commission and the United Nations.
In this edition there has been an important participation of Spanish organizations and experts. 39 of
the 753 presentations of projects and research and industrial initiatives have been led by Spanish
entities, to which must be added other organizations or researchers from our country that have even
participated in the Scientific Committee that has supervised the presentations of the Congress;
presentations that have dealt with topics such as technologies (gasification, roasting, liquefaction,
pyrolysis …), processes (pre-treatment, reduction of emissions, …), raw materials (olive pruning,
microalgae, common reed, thistle, …) and related facilities to biofuels.